How Sisters Mara Schiavocampo and Pia Schiavo-Campo Arrived at Body Image Acceptance

Everyone has his or her own way of achieving body-image acceptance. ABC News correspondent Mara Schiavocampo and her sister Pia Schiavo-Campo arrived at their goals through different methods.

The two women appeared on “GMA” on Monday to discuss how they found happiness by pursuing their own fitness goals: Mara lost 90 pounds through diet and exercise, as chronicled in her book "Thinspired," while Pia chose to love her 230-pound frame as is. She writes about body acceptance in her blog Chronicles of a Mixed Fat Chick.

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The sisters wrote a joint blog for their “GMA” appearance. Read below for more of their take on their personal fitness goals.

Mara and Pia Talk Self-Acceptance

Like so many women, our path to self-love and acceptance has been a rocky one. We’ve both gone through more than our fair share of fad diets and periods of feeling bad about ourselves. But we’ve come out of that journey stronger and happier than ever. Here are some of the ways we stay focused on body positivity and true self-care.


Best Advice

Be kind to yourself. Tend to your true needs. When you’re tired, rest. When you’re sad, cry. When you’re thirsty, drink. Taking care of yourself makes you feel and look better.

Personal Mantra

“I am strong.” I’m not getting strong. I’m not feeling strong. I am strong. Right now.

Most Rejuvenating Exercise

Running. I actually strongly dislike running, but nothing makes me feel better when I’m finished. It fills me with energy and endorphins, and makes my body feel relaxed and powerful.


Best Advice

Stay away from despair and compare, and focus on yourself. We’re all different, and what one body needs is very different from what another body needs. You have to seek your own happy place.

Personal Mantra

“I am enough.” No matter where you are, by the very virtue of your existence and humanity, you are enough.

Most Rejuvenating Exercise

I love downward facing dog. It feels so good on my back and my legs. I love pigeon pose too. It allows my hips to open up a lot which feels great.