Shop Lululemon's new hiking collection including shorts, joggers and more

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Hiking is one of our favorite ways to work up a sweat while exploring the outdoors.

Now, Lululemon has made hiking that much more comfortable (and stylish!) with its new collection of hiking shorts, jackets, joggers, T-shirts and more.

"You’re en route to a new way to hike. Stray Awhile in a convertible, abrasion-resistant collection that makes every detour a welcome one," Lululemon wrote in a post on Instagram.

The products have features to help make hikes easier, like the convertible hiking jogger, for example. The pants unzip into shorts for warmer temperatures, Lululemon's website explains, and include a locker loop for hanging, a drawcord for a customizable fit, and zippers at the cuff to help get them on and off.

There's also a fleece hiking overshirt designed for hiking with breathable fabric, water-repellent snap-chest pockets and more length in the back for when you're sitting down, according to Lululemon.

Check out the collection of hiking gear below and get ready to shop!

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