‘Professional Bridesmaid’ Makes Life Easier for Brides (and Maids-of-Honor, Too, But Don’t Tell!)

In the film “Wedding Ringer,” actor Kevin Hart’s character hires out best man services to wedding parties.

Those services are no longer reserved for the big screen.

Jen Glantz is a professional bridesmaid.

Through her website BridesmaidforHire.com, Glantz offers three packages for brides: The Virtual Bridesmaid, where she helps with all bridesmaid duties up to the big day; The Ultimate Bridesmaid, where she is with the bride before and behind the scenes at the wedding; and Bridesmaid by Your Side, where she helps the bride from the engagement to standing next to her at the altar.

“A lot of women are looking for that extra push of support and confidence on their wedding day. … I am the personal assistant, I am the on-call therapist,” she said.

Good Morning America” caught up with Glantz recently when she was at New York City's Amsale Bridal Salon with her most recent client, Bryn Meuller.

Meuller, 32, is originally from the Detroit suburbs so she didn’t have her close friends and family nearby to help her plan the wedding. The decision to hire Glantz was the best one she’d ever made, Mueller said.

“Having someone who is here local and didn’t have excuses if I called – Jen was there ready to go,” she said. “Jen was sort of my pseudo therapist before the wedding. We would have phone calls and I could call her and say, ‘My mom is stressing me out, my sister is stressing me out’ and she would listen and give really helpful feedback and practical ways to deal with my stress.”

Meuller’s wedding in April went off without a hitch.

“I would 100 percent recommend this to someone else because it is takes a load off your mind the day of. You don’t have to worry about all the logistics,” Meuller said. “You enjoy your day. It goes by in a flash and you don’t want to be stressed out, like, ‘Why hasn’t the cake shown up?’ It just allows you to be relaxed.”

Glantz, 27, first created a stir in June 2014 when she advertised herself in Craigslist as a “professional bridesmaid.”

In an interview with ABC News in July 2014, Glantz, the author of the book "All My Friends Are Engaged," said she decided to monetize her skills after two friends asked her to be part of their wedding parties within 48 hours of each other.

"At this point, I know the process like the back of my hand," she said then. "I figured, hey, why not do it for some other person who needs a bridesmaid? Why not offer up my expertise?”

Since then, she says she has worked with more than 30 brides and maids of honor.

“I have had over 3,000 women reach out as women who want to work for me as professional bridesmaids,” Glantz said.

Her services range from $150 for speech writing to up to $2,000 for packages, Glantz said.

On the day of a wedding she is completely at the bride’s disposal, she said. She is up early and helps the bride get started on her day.

“I do anything that they need to get done, any personal tasks. I am often the consultant between them and the wedding planner so anything that needs to be told to the wedding planner so the bride doesn’t need to communicate with anyone that day,” she said.

Glantz, who has a full-time job in addition to this venture, said she helps more than just the bride. Indeed, she also offers a package called Undercover Maid of Honor, where she helps the maid of honor fulfill her tasks without the bride’s knowledge.

“So if you are really busy and you don’t have time to plan a bachelorette party or you don’t know how to write emails, I will step in and help you with that without the bride knowing,” she said. “I am there to take off all the dirty work … so the entire bridal party can enjoy themselves and have a great time.”

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