Plus-Size Model Olivia Campbell Gets Emotional in Video About Self-Image


One plus-size British model wants to take the shame out of the word "fat."

"For me, fat's not a bad thing. I am fat. Like, I am fat," Olivia Campbell said in StyleLikeU's video titled "I'm Not Curvy, I'm Fat," hitting her thighs to emphasize her point. "It's just a descriptive word."

Campbell, a single mother, strips down to her underwear in one of the latest videos in StyleLikeU's empowerment series titled, "The What's Underneath Project." The seven-year-old video series tries to break down society's notions of style and beauty, founder Elisa Goodkind told ABC News.

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Speaking of Campbell, Goodkind said: "She's the very example of a person who has dealt with a lot of adversity and it ended up becoming her strength. She turned something that created a tremendous amount of suffering for her and she's redefined the beauty standard."

In the video, Campbell shared how long it took her to become comfortable with her body and the word fat.

"For years, it was possibly the worst thing you could say to me," the model said to the camera. "Why is it such a bad word? How dare you be fat and happy?"

Campbell added that she "cried for years" and spent many of those years believing she "was worthless and useless."

Campbell also shared that she endured racist and sexual harassment remarks during her childhood, causing her to "quit school" at age 15. She even contemplated suicide during her darkest moments.

The model said "it took a long time" to become proud of her body.

"I'm happy with my body, I'm happy with my madness," she concluded. "That's all I can ask for really."