PHOTOS: Athletes as You've Never Seen Them Before

New York City-based photographer Jordan Matter, 45, is capturing athletes in a whole new light for his new project, “Athletes Among Us.”  Matter was looking for a follow up to his New York Times-bestselling book, “Dancers Among Us,” when he came up with the idea to show athletes performing their sports in everyday settings.  “The photos show that even off the field they’re obsessing over their sport,” said Matter.  “And the point for all of us to take is that if you have enough grit and determination you’ll succeed in life, whatever your chosen field.”  Matter says one of the project's very first shoots, which was with an NFL player in a grocery store, was also one of the funniest.  It took some serious convincing to get the store manager on board for the stunt.  “I said, ‘He plays for the Jets,’ and he finally said, ‘Okay,” Matter recalled.  “Then I had the player lift a full shopping cart over his head and when the manager saw that we had about five seconds to do the whole shoot.”

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