Parents Convince Kids Their Dinosaur Toys Come to Life in Magical ‘Dinovember’

It’s the magical month of “Dinovember” in the Tuma household, when Refe and Susan Tuma, of Kansas City, Mo., pull a page from the “Toy Story” playbook to bring their kids’ toys to life -- or at least that’s what their brood believes. The couple spends the month of November convincing their children that their plastic dinosaur toys come to life while they’re sleeping, wreaking havoc all over their house. It all started last November when the Tuma’s one-year-old son was having trouble sleeping through the night, leaving his parents too exhausted for playtime with their two older daughters, now aged five and six. “We wanted to do something fun for them,” Refe Tuma told of the older girls. So they took their daughters’ plastic dinosaurs and began setting them up in elaborate scenarios, such as breaking eggs in the kitchen, unrolling all the toilet paper and tagging the walls with graffiti. “We realized this would be a great way for them to have something that is fantastical and magical that would just be for them,” he said. “With all the TV shows, video games and iPads, we wanted something that would be old-fashioned imagination and inject magic into their childhood.”  The family encourages all parents to play along. Tweet photos with hashtag #Dinovember, or upload them to their Facebook page.

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