Oscars Red Carpet Makeover: How to Get Stars’ Glamorous Hair and Makeup on Your Own

ABC News

The Academy Awards are only four days away, which means hair and makeup teams all over Hollywood are getting their brushes ready.

Celebrity make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury, and hair expert Giovanni Vaccaro -- the creative director of Glamsquad, appeared on “GMA” today share the stars’ trendiest beauty secrets so you can re-create their glamorous looks at home.

Tilbury’s clients include Gisele Bundchen, Demi Moore and Alicia Vikander. Vaccaro is an expert at recreating celebrity hairstyles.

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“People come to us all of the time with these red carpet photos,” Vaccaro said, adding that his stylists are able to “customize them for any particular client.”

Tilbury and Vaccaro put their skills on display on Wednesday when they took three women -- Aditi Vyas, Rachel Ellicott and Christa Aiken – and transformed their everyday looks into to red-carpet worthy reveals.

Vyas, 23, usually sticks to lip balm and eyeliner, but on Wednesday she tried Sofia Vergara’s look which focused on a bold, sultry lip. Ellicott, 22, usually wears her hair straight, but she took on Alicia Vikander’s twisted updo, and 27-year-old Aiken tried Kerry Washington’s long bob, a change from her usual natural ‘do.

Tilbury and Vaccaro also shared the following tips for how you can achieve the looks at home.


  • Always moisturize your face before applying foundation or makeup. It gives the makeup a luminous look.

  • Never forget to use under-eye concealer, but apply it only after you’ve applied your foundation.

  • Always pay attention to your eyebrows. You can brush them, fill them in with a brow pencil and even add a highlighter to achieve lift.

  • The secret to a perfect pout is lip liner. Outline the lips using a liner that matches your lipstick so the color won’t bleed.

  • Contouring is great for the face, but you can also contour your limbs.

  • Tilbury always uses an eyelash curler, which she says are like “a push-up bra for the lashes.”

  • Use concealer with a lipid complex to cover blemishes; the product will allow the skin to breathe.



1. Use a large round brush to blowout hair and then use a flatiron with a wide toothed comb to make it super sleek and straight.

2. Create a severe side part using a fine tooth comb and don't mess with it, applying Elnet super strong hairspray to set part.

3. Tuck hair behind the ears and take 2-inch diagonal sections out from the nape of the neck to behind the ear, leaving it out.

4. Then take everything else, putting it into a very low side pony on the opposite side of the part, keeping it very clean.

5. Twist everything together and pin.


1. Use a medium-sized barrel curling iron and wrap sections all in one direction to create these uniform, old-Hollywood waves.

2. Once you've curled all of your hair, brush the curls out from the roots to the ends to enhance the wave pattern.

3. For the dramatic, deep side-part, tuck the hair behind your ear on one side and use a few bobby pins to secure hair at the nape of the neck, so it falls in front of the pins and stays intact all night. If you're aiming for an edgier look, try a center part, as opposed to a deep side part, or leave one inch out at the ends for that of-the-moment, unfinished appeal.

4. For more volume, gently tease underneath the curls to really enhance the waves, and finish with a shine spray.


1. This look works best on day-old hair. Create texture using a one-inch curling iron, wrapping large sections around the barrel and leaving the ends out.

2. Use a comb to create a deep side part.

3. Take the front section of hair and use an iron to curl it towards the face, placing flat clips to keep the wave pressed against the face in a finger wave shape.

4. Take the bottom section of hair below the crown and create a low side ponytail.

5. Take the hair in the pony, break it up into 3 sections and backcomb the pieces so they are teased.

6. Then, create a braid with those 3 sections. Loosen braid and pull it together into a loose bun.

7. Take the rest of the hair from the sides and front, leaving the finger wave pieces out, and twist and wrap it around bun in the back.

8. Remove the clips from the front and brush out the finger wave.

9. Finish with hairspray and shine spray.