How the Oscar-nominated effects for 'Rogue One' were made

Ever wonder how the visual effects from "Star Wars" come together? Well, now the veil has been lifted.

Minor "Rogue One" spoilers ahead

The folks at Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic released a short clip today that details how the Oscar-nominated "Rogue One" effects came together, specifically "the destruction of Jedha and the battle on the beaches of Scarif."

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The clips shows the layer by layer process of putting a city together in a "galaxy far, far away." From Death Star explosions to battles in the air, the video gives a visual explanation that breaks it all down.

Watch the full clip above!

Find out if "Rogue One" is able to take home an Oscar for either Best Achievement in Sound Mixing or Best Achievement in Visual Effects when the Academy Awards air live on ABC on Feb. 26, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

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