Oregon Cat Steals for Its Police Sergeant Owner

A cat burglar has amassed quite an impressive haul in one Oregon neighborhood.

Tigger the cat has been stealing trash and other goods in Gladstone, near Portland, for four years, ABC affiliate KATU-TV reports. Anything the feline takes -- including a bag of marijuana -- ends up in the driveway and back porch of his owner, West Linn Police Sgt. Dave Kempas.

"He left it right out here," Kempas told KATU-TV. "Tigger is kind of a party cat."

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The police sergeant had a surveillance camera installed to observe his "kleptokitty." He also posts images of Tigger’s stash on the cat’s own Facebook page.

Kempas cleans whatever Tigger drags in and then donates those items to charity.

“I didn’t take a receipt or anything for it,” he said. “I figure I can’t take that as a tax deduction. I didn’t get it honestly in the first place.”

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