Olympics 2016: ‘Final Five’ Talk ‘Nerves,’ ‘Fun’ of Competition

ABC News

The Olympic medals keep on coming for the U.S. women’s gymnastics team dubbed the “Final Five,” but the women say they aren’t celebrating too much just yet because they have two other events coming up.

“I think you celebrate after your scores comes up and you get the medal. But then after that it’s just kind of like go, go, go again,” said Simone Biles, who won Team USA’s first-ever Olympic vault gold medal on Sunday in Rio.

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Her fellow team member Madison Kocian took the silver medal in the uneven bars event, while teammate Gabby Douglas placed 7th.

Kocian, Douglas, Biles and teammates Aly Raisman and Laurie Hernandez sat down with ABC News' Amy Robach in Rio, where they discussed the pressure to excel.

“We all have nerves, but at this point it’s kind of autopilot,” Biles said. “We’ve done these routines so many times that once we go out there ... it’s just one more.”

Hernandez agreed.

“We’re just going to go to training, do what we’ve been doing, not change a thing because that’s working really well,” she said.

The “Final Five” have already won gold in the team all-around event, and Biles took a separate gold in the individual all-around competition.

“We were very confident once we went out there,” Biles said of her team’s win. “If we had done the same thing in training then we were very confident of the outcome.”

The team members had an emotional reunion with their parents at the P&G Family Home -- where Olympic families come to relax and watch the games, have a meal, drop off their laundry and even get pampered with free salon services for women and hot shaves for men.

It was the women's first chance to show off their new hardware, hug their families and regroup.

The gymnasts say it’s their incredible sisterhood that keeps them laughing as they enter the home stretch of the games.

“We’ve been together so long,” Kocian said.

Their time together – and their bond – helps their performance.

“We’re just so ready that’s it’s fun when we go out there. We don’t need to think about anything. And so that’s how we have fun,” Biles said.

Robach also asked the team members a lightning round of questions:

Q: Celebrity you most want to meet now that you’re famous?

Hernandez: Tori Kelly

Kocian: Carrie Underwood.

Biles: Zac Efron

Raisman: Blake Lively. (Raisman and Hernandez both want to go shopping with Lively.)

Q: First food you’re going to eat when you get back.

Biles, Douglas, Raisman and Hernandez: Pizza.

Hernandez and Kocian: Ice cream.

Q: What shows will you binge watch when you get home?

Raisman:Modern Family.”

Q: Who's the prankster?

Raisman: Laurie's the goofiest one.

Douglas: Yeah, she is.

Hernandez: Maybe

Q: Who's the party animal?

Biles: (Points at herself)

Douglas and Kocian: Simone.

Raisman: Yeah, Simone.

Q: Who sleeps the most?

Biles and Douglas: Aly.

Kocian: For sure, Aly.

Raisman: Everyone knew that.

Q: If you had to compete in another Olympics event, what would it be?

Raisman: Soccer, hockey, figure skating.

Hernandez: Track.

Biles: Track.

Kocian: I don't know, swimming seems cool.

Douglas: Javelin.

Q: Who has a hidden talent?

Biles: (Looking at Hernandez) she can do like crazy things with her mouth.

Kocian: Her face just works in so many ways.