Ohio Couple Surprises Family Members With Pregnancy Announcement in Viral Video

One couple's pregnancy announcement is going to make for a great home video to bring out at family reunions for years to come.

Danny and Ciera Woods, of Columbus, Ohio, revealed to their family and friends that they are expecting, and recorded their priceless reactions in a video that is now going viral.

Danny spoke with ABC News and explained how he and his wife were able to catch their families so off-guard with their pregnancy announcement.

"The video was my wife's idea," Woods said. "We just wanted to surprise the family."

Woods, who said he is interested in film production and currently freelances video projects, shot and edited the video himself.

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The video, titled "Announcing Baby Woods!," shows cut-together shots of Woods' family and friends sitting down in front of a video camera to prepare to be interviewed. Woods explained that he often uses his family for various film projects, so his request to film them for this particular project was nothing out of the ordinary.

With the cameras running, Danny and Ciera, who are out of view, revealed their pregnancy announcement to their family and friends as the video camera recorded the hilarious reactions of their loved ones.

The looks of shock, joy and excitement were all captured in the video, which is played out in slow-motion in the YouTube video. Even the family dog was overjoyed with the news of a new addition to the family.

Ciera is now 18 weeks pregnant. Though the couple has not yet learned the gender of their baby, Woods said they are considering filming a surprise gender reveal when they do find out.

Baby Woods is due in April of 2016.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

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