What Nick Watt Learned By Traveling the World

What Nick Watt Learned By Traveling the World (ABC News)

For years, Nick Watt has traveled the globe as a journalist for ABC News.

But in his new Travel Channel series, "Watt's World," the TV producer and correspondent had the opportunity to explore places from a completely different perspective.

"I've been traveling a lot since I was was born with my family and then through work... but I think definitely what this trip reinforced was this idea that anywhere you go, if you have the right attitude, can be fun," he told ABC News. "What traveling always does to me is it reminds me what's important in life and to actually have fun."

In the new show, which premieres tonight with back-to-back episodes at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, Watt traveled to places he's always wanted to visit to meet the locals and better understand the culture. With just four other people, he explored everywhere from Cuba to Italy, as well as his adopted hometown of L.A.

"That was more of a challenge because I do live there," he explained. "It was me trying to find a different side of the city. The soul of the city."

The first place on his list was Albania -- a country that captured his imagination when it was still "deep in the throes of communism." Although he could never find anybody to travel there with him in the past, Watt said that when he told his "Watt's World" team that Albanians have 27 words for "mustache," it was an immediate "yes."

"I discovered that when they nod, that means no. They peel bananas from the other end. There's all these little weird things which I thought, 'Why do they do it that way in Albania?'" he said. "Of course it makes me want to go!"

Throughout the show, Watt also visited the Caribbean, Cuba, France, and states across the U.S., from Alaska to Oklahoma to New York. Should the show see a second season, he's hoping to see Bolivia, Ethiopia, Texas and Maine -- and this time, make it a family affair.

"My family definitely tried to tag along [for season one]," he said. "My wife was annoyed with me [for leaving], but my kids were fine if I got them great presents!"

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