Newlyweds Share 1st Dance While Stuck on Shut Down Highway

Two newlyweds didn't let a traffic jam ruin the best day of their lives. Instead, they decided to share their first dance on the lanes of a highway.

The Dayton, Ohio, bride and groom, who asked not to be named, were on their way to their reception Saturday after tying the knot. That's when they found themselves at stuck on U.S. Route 35.

The couple's wedding videographer, Levi Curby, captured everything on camera. "The guests all went ahead of us to the reception, and we stayed behind to get some extra shots of just them," he told ABC News.

"Apparently there was a five-car pileup on U.S. 35, and we were very relieved to find out later that there were no serious injuries in the accident," he said.

After waiting about an hour on the shut-down highway, a group of fellow drivers from Kansas approached the couple. "They were talking to the bride and groom and asking what they would be doing if they were at the reception," said Curby.

The two responded that it would have been time for their first dance, so people suggested they dance then and there.

And that's exactly what the newlyweds did.

"At first there was some emotion, some disappointment," Curby said. "The strangers from Kansas pulled them out of the bad mood. They helped them relax and have fun."

Eventually, friends at the reception were able to rescue the stranded couple from the other side of the highway.

Guests waited two hours for the couple to arrive, but the wait was worth it, said Curby. "When they came in, there were just overwhelming cheers. It was a grand entrance."

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