Montana Woman Captures Incredible Encounter With Moose Running Down Highway

A Montana family recently captured on video the incredible moment they drove alongside a moose barreling down Highway 12 near the Montana-Idaho border.

Jessica Richards, 27, said she and her family often drive down the highway when en route to visit family in Boise, Idaho.

"And every time, I always see these moose-crossing signs everywhere, and I always tell my husband I want to see a moose but we never do," Richards told ABC News today.

But on the morning of Dec. 23, a Christmas miracle happened.

"Not only did we see a moose, we were one with the moose," Richards wrote in the caption of the video she posted to Facebook. "Well MERRY FREAKING CHRISTMAS TO ME!"

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Richards' reaction has brought smiles and laughter to thousands of people who have viewed the video on Instagram and Facebook.

She can be heard yelling in excitement in the video, "Holy, frikkin' crap" and "Oh, my gosh. This is insanity."

The moose sighting is a memory Richards said she will "never forget" and is the "best Christmas present I've ever had."