Mom Posts Note Officially Closing Living Room to Keep It Clean for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is two weeks from today and one mom has cleaned once for the big day -- and she isn’t doing it again.

Nick Denbow’s mom taped off the entrance to the living room, marking it as officially off-limits until Turkey Day unless family members abide by the rules and regulations that are listed very clearly.

First, you must be showered and be completely dirt-free. Secondly, clothes must be laundered. And finally, if permission is granted to enter, absolutely no food or drinks are permitted whatsoever.

Denbow posted the picture of his super-proactive mom’s handwritten sign with spotless living room in the background to Twitter where it’s gone wildly viral.

The note is signed, “Mom, payer of the bills, chauffeur, queen of the castle, person ruining your life and bossy [expletive] in charge.”