Mom Earns High Score With Nintendo Game Room She Built for Sons

Mom Earns High Score With Nintendo Game Room She Built for Sons (ABC News)

This mom really took control of her sons’ playroom.

Rorie Lizenby, of Scottsburg, Indiana, is earning a high score on social media for the elaborate Nintendo-themed game room she built for her boys.

“I had wanted to transform their playroom into a game room for over a year, but it took about that long for the concept to form in my mind,” Lizenby, 33, told ABC News. “I knew I wanted it to be a bit out there and impressive, but still classy (if that makes sense).”

Her 8-year-old and 4-year-old sons are “big Nintendo fans,” so needless to say, they love the new addition.

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Lizenby, a high school pre-engineering and chemistry teacher, said the entire project took her less than two weeks and no more than $200 to finish.

Before the room turned into this Nintendo mecca, “There was absolutely nothing [in it] besides cream walls and toys strewn about everywhere,” the proud mom explained.

“I’m just always taking on new projects to stay busy,” said Lizenby. “I completely remodeled my bathroom a year ago, built the boys a pretty cool tree house in the backyard, as well as smaller things like hand knitting and machine knitting.”

She’s not sure how she’d top this Nintendo game room in the future, but wouldn’t be opposed to trying.

“I wouldn’t discount the possibility,” she said. “I’m always trying to top my previous projects.”