How to make marshmallow Easter bunny ears for a festive drink

Want an easy way to add a festive flair to your Easter table? This DIY tip for marshmallow bunny ears is perfect for creating a two-ingredient topper for anything from kids drinks to dessert.

Kelly Oester, known as "your DIY mom friend" on Instagram, recently shared this simple holiday hack that's racked up over 100,000 likes.

"My boys love milk, so I have created a few holiday themed milk drinks for them, but I had not yet created an Easter version," Oester told "Good Morning America."

"I have seen marshmallows and pink sprinkles turned into bunny ears and used as cupcake toppers, so decided to see how I could add them to a simple glass of milk," she explained. "I usually try something without a true plan in mind and see if it happens to come together and this one did. When I snipped the marshmallows and they fit snuggly on the rim of the glass, I audibly gasped. I love when I surprise myself."

How to make bunny ear drinks glasses with marshmallows

To make this simple treat, you'll need regular marshmallows, pink sanding sugar, marshmallow fluff, a stemless wine glass, a marker and a pair of scissors.

Using the scissors, Oester cuts through the marshmallow on a diagonal bias to create two bunny ear-shaped pieces.

She then dips the cut side that exposes the inside of the marshmallow into the pink sugar to create the inner ear effect.

On a clear wine tumbler or similar glass, Oester draws a small nose, whiskers and eyes for the rabbit's face and then tops the rim with a thin layer of marshmallow fluff and sprinkles.

Holding the marshmallow bunny ear, she cuts a small slit at the base to affix it to the edge of the glass.

Repeat with the second half of the marshmallow and voila! Bunny ear glasses for Easter.

"I love finding creative ways to make ordinary moments feel like something more," the nurse-turned-stay-at-home mom of three and parenting creator said. "Kids have a way of finding magic in every day moments, and through creating, I'm finding that I'm keeping that alive in myself as well. It feeds a part of my soul that needs fed and a huge bonus is that I get to share the gift with others and spread joy and light."

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