Man Wins With This Zebra Selfie Photobomb Picture

This is one frisky zebra.

When Malte Woestefeld, a German business student, was visiting a zoo in Germany on April 18, he certainly got more than he bargained for -- a large, new striped friend, and one of the most awesome selfies the Internet has ever seen.

“I was super excited and it seemed like it felt comfortable and wanted me to pet it,” Woestefeld, 24, told ABC News of the outgoing zebra. “I wasn’t scared at all, I was just blown away that this wild animal was so cuddly and putting his head next to my face.”

Woestefeld and his friend were driving through the exhibit where the zebras, antelopes and rhinos roam, when he noticed a large pack off zebras in the distance. One particular zebra, however, was standing on the side of the road instead.

“It looked like it was waiting for us,” he recalled. “We had our windows closed the entire time since this is the regulation of the safaripark (they also have very dangerous animals) but as we were standing next to the Zebra I wanted to pet it and rolled down the window. That’s when it leaned its entire head in the car.”

What proceeded to happen was one incredibly photogenic striped selfie session.

“I realized this is a great chance to make an awesome memory and take a picture with my phone in my right hand,” said Woestefeld. “It laid its head next to mine and smiled for the camera.”

Although he got awesome pictures as souvenirs, Woestefeld also realizes the dangers that could have been involved in rolling his window down.

“I was just super excited to make a new friend,” he said. “I'm not encouraging people to do the same. They have rules for a reason.”

After their brief photo opp, Woestefeld added, “The zebra got a carrot and I had a great day to talk about."

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