Man Travels Cross-Country Visiting Famous Movie, TV Locations

Movies and television have been one of James Gelet’s passions since he was a kid. So when he was in Martha’s Vineyard working on a documentary about “Jaws” in 2005, Gelet took photos at all the actual “Jaws” film locations he could find. The hobby grew from there as he traveled the country doing interviews for the documentary, posing in front of as many famous movie and TV locations he could squeeze in. Now 10 years later, Gelet has a large collection of silver screen-inspired shots, including trips to the “Goonies” house in Astoria, Oregon, the “Stand By Me” bridge in Burney, California, and the fateful “Thelma & Louise” cliff they drive off of in Dead Horse Point State Park in Moab, Utah. But there’s one location that stands out the most for Gelet: “Death Valley where so many great shots in ‘Star Wars’ were filmed,” he told ABC News. Take a look at all his fanboy photo-ops.