Man’s Spooky Skeletons Hang Out Doing Household Activities

It’s not uncommon to see spooky sights around Halloween, but one New England couple likes to keep the macabre-momentum going all year round. Jason Ocker and his wife, Lindsey, bought their first full-sized plastic skeleton at Target last Halloween and loved it so much that the skeleton became a part of their family’s daily life. “I know I was supposed to use him as a decoration, but he ended up kind of just hanging out with me all the time,” Ocker, of Nashua, N.H., wrote on his blog. “We watched movies together, pranked my wife together, and generally just had a blast together. I didn’t even put him away after the season ended. The Ocker’s bought a second skeleton this year at Costco, affectionately naming the two skeletons “T” and “C,” after their respective vendors. “Our daughter loves them,” said Jason. “She sits them on the couch and watches TV with them.” Check out these hilarious photos Lindsey Ocker, a professional photographer, captured of the skeletons hanging out with her family.