Man Bun Hairstyle Trend Is Taking Over

The man bun is a hair-raising trend that’s got Tinseltown tied up in knots, literally.

“You can see it in Hollywood now,” Joe Zee, editor-in-chief of Yahoo Style, told ABC News. “Actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Hemsworth and even David Beckham has been rocking it.”

The up-do style is no longer just for girls. Guys are loving them, too.

“I think a lot of women and girlfriends are like, ‘You know what? I want my guy to be rockin’ a man bun because it’s kind of cool and it’s kind of hot,’” Zee said.

It’s a look that most men can pull off, Zee said, but there is room for error.

“There is a fine line,” he explained. “If it’s too messy, it just looks sloppy. And if it’s too done, it’s like a red carpet hairdo.”

Master hair stylist Lindsay Adair at Spoke & Weal in West Hollywood has plenty of practice transforming men’s long locks into modern buns.

“You see it on the streets, on the runways,” Adair said.

But you’ll need more than just the bun.

“It’s the whole look,” Zee said, pointing to one man learning how to sport the man bun. “He’s got that facial hair going on. And you know what? Maybe we’ll just try a classic shirt and we can roll up the sleeves.”

Now everyday hipsters are being transformed into Hollywood trendsetters.

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