Makeup 101: Bobbi Brown’s 3 Tips for Picking the Right Foundation

Finding the right makeup isn’t easy.

Women are faced with a sea of options. As part of the new “Yahoo Your Day” series -- a collaboration between “Good Morning America” and experts from Yahoo -- makeup guru Bobbi Brown, the editor-in-chief of Yahoo Beauty, appeared on “GMA” to explain how to choose the all-important foundation.

The right foundation is essential. Not only does it help speed up the overall application time, it makes a woman’s makeup look more natural, Brown said.

“It's almost as if you think about your black dress and the right undergarments underneath-- everything'll work if you have the underneath part right,” Brown said. “So foundation is one of the key things in your beauty routine.”

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Even though it’s key, most women have a hard time finding the right foundation for them.

“It's really difficult for most women because they don't know the rules,” Brown said. “Once you know the simple steps, it's easy.”

Brown shared three tips for finding the right foundation:

Tip 1: Use daylight.

“You have to check the foundation under daylight to make sure that it's the right color. So, if you have to walk away from the counter and go outside with a small mirror, just look at it, and you'll know it's the right color,” Brown said.

Tip 2: Make sure it disappears.

“You want to make sure that whatever foundation you choose, when you apply it to the side of the face, disappears …,” Brown said. “And you want it to be the same tone as your skin. So, when you choose one, you put it on your skin, you blend it in, and if it disappears, it's the right color, OK?”

Tip 3: Find the right formula.

Powders foundations, which are either loose or pressed, are great for oily skin, Brown said. It’s different for skin that’s dryer or more mature.

“I would recommend for dryer skin more of a liquid foundation, and definitely a moisturizer to go with it. And a lot of moisturizers will say moisturizing foundation in the title, and so you'll know,” Brown said.

Bonus Tip: Choose a yellow-toned foundation.

Yellow-toned foundations look the most natural on all skin tones, according to Brown. "Your foundation should not change the color of your face but should match the color of your skin," she said.