Luke Bryan's boys appreciate the perks of fame: No 'roller coaster' without 'old dad'

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Luke Bryan's boys appreciate the perks of fame: No 'roller coaster' without 'old dad' originally appeared on

It's no surprise Luke Bryan's able to send song after song to the top of the chart since he's put together a unique team that can pick the hits like no other.

That team just happens to be made up of his sons, Bo, 11, and Tate, 9.

"They're the best litmus test," the Georgia-born superstar explains to ABC News. "If there's 10 songs on an album that the world hadn't heard, and they want to hear these two over and over, and they're not really saying much about the other ones, that tells me so much."

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"And it's so fun," he continues. "I mean, in my truck now, I have new music that I've finished. And we get in the truck, [and they say,] 'Dad, play this, play that.'"

Bryan admits Bo and Tate have also learned to appreciate the perks of having a famous father.

"I was playing in Hershey at Hershey Park," he recalls, "and we're walking and, you know, we get the fast passes. Tate's just bouncing off the walls. And he finally is 52 inches, which was a huge deal, because he'll ride any roller coaster on the planet earth."

"And he got on one roller coaster," Bryan smiles, "and he says, 'Oh, my God, Dad, I'm so glad you're Luke Bryan! I'm so glad you're Luke Bryan!' Because he understands [why] we're getting the fast passes, so it was [a] pretty cute moment."

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"And then we sent 'em somewhere on a trip without old dad to get him there," he adds. "And yeah, they don't want to do that no more. They want old dad there!"

Bryan's new album, "Born Here, Live Here, Die Here," arrives April 24, featuring his latest hit, "What She Wants Tonight," and his previous No. 1, "Knockin' Boots."

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