Little Girl’s Love Affair With Owl Lawn Ornament Is Adorably Absurd

Little Girl’s Love Affair With Owl Lawn Ornament Is Adorably Absurd (ABC News)

Forget dolls or stuffed animals: Little Sylvie from the Boston area only has eyes for her beloved owl lawn ornament named Whootie.

"Sylvie and Whootie first met when the owl was gifted to my husband. It was meant to scare birds from his boat,” Sylvie’s mom, Becky, who asked that her last name not be shared, told ABC News. “But Sylvie immediately took to the owl, bending down and picking it up, and saying ‘Hi owl! Hi owl,’ over and over. I think she found the bird curious and endearing."

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It’s been about three weeks since the dynamic duo became inseparable, and the pair's unlikely friendship is delighting social media.

“She hasn't been interested in toting around another toy or doll like this,” her mom explained. “Whootie is the first toy she's insisted on sleeping with. She had a lot of things she has passing fancies with, but we think her friendship with Whootie is special -- almost like she views him as a peer.”

The two play together.

They take cozy naps together.

They enjoy long car rides in the backseat together.

Whootie even occasionally pops up on Sylvie’s baby monitor, staring her parents in the face and scaring the daylights out of them.

“My reaction to seeing the owl on the monitor was shock, because I always forget he's in the crib, then I usually laugh about it and show my husband,” said Becky.

Sylvie’s parents suspect she’ll “eventually tire of it.”

“I hope so because I don't want to ever have to take the owl on a plane as carry-on,” Becky quipped.

They hope she’ll one day look back on these photos and find them as amusing as the rest of the Internet does.

“She's a pretty serious little baby, but maybe she'll have developed a goofy side by then!,” said Becky. “I've come to realize her affinity for owls in general -- I think it's her spirit animal, since they are both so serious in nature. I don't think her Whootie phase will last forever, but I think her love of owls will.”

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