Little Boy Denies Eating Cupcake Despite Icing All Over His Face

One little boy is going viral for getting caught red-handed, or rather blue icing-faced, by his daddy.

“Did you eat a cupcake?,” the adorable boy’s dad asks him in the YouTube video.

“No!” Jack, the tiny toddler, quickly replies.

“You sure you didn’t eat a cupcake?,” Jack’s persistent dad asks again.

“No, I wasn’t at home,” the equally insistent little guy replies.

“Hmm…I thought for sure you maybe had a cupcake,” the father tries one last time, obviously referring to his son’s blue icing smeared all over his face and mouth.

You’ve got to hand it to Jack. He really says “no” with conviction. And who could get angry at that face?

“They were giving out free blue cupcakes in honor of the New York Giants,” the video, which has more than 215,000 views since Oct. 17, describes in the caption.

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