Give new life to your UGG boots with this viral DIY TikTok hack

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Once upon a time, UGG boots were in high demand, and while the winter-ready footwear style never completely left the scene, now they are making a big comeback.

Mini UGG boots in particular have been regaining popularity, and instead of buying a new pair, many people have been finding ways to repurpose their old pairs.

Emily Keen, known as @emkeen3 on TikTok, demonstrated how to "take matters into" your own hands if you didn't get in on the mini boots for Christmas.

The 25-year-old medical student used a pair of scissors to cut down a pair of UGG boots she purchased about eight years ago, and started her process by cutting down the boot's shaft toward the ankle.

Next, she snipped the top of the boots a little more and followed by taking apart the threading with a seam ripper. To seal the deal, the top of the boot was re-stiched to close the top seam. Just like that, Keen gave new life to her taller UGG boots and made them minis.

Keen recalled to "GMA" that she bought her UGG boots when she was in high school and hadn't worn them in years.

"I saw the popularity of mini UGG boots and I was planning on getting rid of the pair I had, so I decided to try to see if I could make them into something I would want to wear again," she said.

Since posting it last year, Keen's UGG mini boot hack has had over 4.5 million views, and she said she's happy to see so many people enjoying the tutorial and tagging her in their own DIY mini UGG boot tutorials.

"I actually took the Tiktok video as a joke and sent it to my friends, so I really did not expect it to blow up," said Keen.

@emkeen3 mini uggs tutorial!! hopefully this is helpful lol #greenscreen #fyp #uggs ♬ original sound - Emily

Keen later posted an additional video breakdown outlining how she was able to create the mini UGG boots. Her additional tutorial garnered over 53,000 views.

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As for Keen's reaction to all the newfound attention, she said, "It definitely has inspired me to share some more fashion hacks in the future on TikTok."

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