Let's Pizza to Debut Pizza Vending Machine in U.S. This Year

Vending machines aren't just for a bag of chips and soda anymore. A vending machine that makes fresh pizza to order will debut in the U.S. this year after its popularity in Europe.

The Amsterdam-based company A1 concepts began distributing the machine, created by Italian Claudio Torghel, in Europe three years ago.

For $5.97, the vending machine serves up a 10.5 inch pizza with a choice of margherita, pepperoni, ham or bacon.  The dough is made fresh, assembled per order and boxed in about 2 1/2 minutes.  Infrared ovens allow the pizza to cook quickly, CEO Ronald Rammers told Pizza Marketplace.

"Each pizza machine is connected to the Internet to control stock. If necessary, besides the standard services, the operator will (re-stock). Each pizza machine contains ingredients for 200 pizzas," said Rammers.

A separate slot in the machine dispenses a pizza cutter and napkins.

This isn't the first vending machine to catch the eye of hungry on-the-go eaters.  Sprinkles' cupcake ATM and Coke's huggable machine launched this year.  Rugbeer, a vending machine that you tackle to get a beer, recently debuted in Argentina.

How much will a vending machine pizza set you back? One pizza clocks in around 676 calories and 22.6 grams of fat.  Watch the video below to see how the pizza is made: