LeAnn Rimes opens up about depression during the pandemic

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LeAnn Rimes is getting real about life during the pandemic.

On an upcoming episode of "The Verywell Mind Podcast" with Amy Morin, the 38-year-old singer revealed that she had a tough time coping with her career coming to a halt as a result of COVID-19.

"I've never had this much time at home. Like my nervous system was just like, 'What are we doing?'" she said, according to People.

"Even though I meditate and do all the things ... there was still this kind of energy that's always on. That really kind of is my baseline," she continued. "So, when that got taken away, the false security of having a job my whole life, like having all the things removed, and I was terrified as everyone else, including feeling like you're going to walk out your door and die."

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Along with the drastic change in lifestyle, Rimes said she suffered "some pretty heavy depression" but she's "now come out of it."

These days, the "How Do I Live" singer is getting back to work but admitted that coming back after such a long break has been different, despite nothing really changing.

"I went back out to do my first show recently in front of thousands of people. I was so triggered," she shared. "I'm like, oh my God, the experience that I'm having right now is so intense."

"And it was also like, nothing happened. I walked out, it's like riding a bike, it didn't feel like there were 16 months in between," Rimes explained. "I recognized when I went out, how unhealthy some of this [was]. I'm like, this is not the normal experience that I'm supposed to be having. And I've been having this heightened, energetic experience for my whole life."

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