Jim Gaffigan, Jude Law describe new looks as Smee and Captain Hook in 'Peter Pan and Wendy'

Jude Law and Jim Gaffigan joined "Good Morning America" Tuesday to detail their experience taking on two iconic roles in Disney's latest reimagined fantasy adventure, "Peter Pan and Wendy."

Law steps into Captain Hook's boots in this iteration of the pirate tale -- a wardrobe and makeup routine that he said took two hours each day to achieve -- and said the writers gave more of a sense of his character's backstory.

"You start to understand what path he trogged to become this sort of damaged human being -- and rather than ... just relying on being a mustache twitching villain, he's a little more complicated," Law said, adding that while his character is "still scary," he hopes people "feel a little sympathy for him."

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Gaffigan plays Hook's right-hand man Smee, who he said jokingly is "obviously known as the best looking sidekick," and offered a new lens into their characters' dynamic.

PHOTO: Jim Gaffigan and Jude Law are seen together on 'Good Morning America' on April 25, 2023. (ABC News)

"This version they establish backstory to justify some of the characterizations we know," he said. "It explores almost a parental relationship. Anyone who has a teenager is treated the same way that Captain Hook treats Smee. Essentially Captain Hook is the teenager and Smee is any parent."

Law also shared some of the nuances and changes to their physical appearances that come with this new adaptation, like "the hook has switched hands."

PHOTO: In this still image from 'Peter Pan & Wendy,' Jude Law and Jim Gaffigan are seen playing Hook and Smee respectively. (Walt Disney Pictures)

"The silhouettes of these characters are so familiar. What was really interesting was going back to the original book where there's no mention of the red coat, [which] comes from the original animated Disney version," he said. "We went through that with a fine tooth comb and tried to come up with a look that made sense of him."

PHOTO: The official poster for Disney's 'Peter Pan & Wendy.' (Walt Disney Pictures)

Gaffigan joked that he had committed to his look prior to being cast.

"I gained 40 pounds 20 years ago just for this role," he said. "I took balding medication. I had my skin depigmentized. Lot of things."

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