New Jersey Siblings Race to Announce Mom's Pregnancy

When it came time for Richard and Louisa Kopp to share with family and friends that they are expecting their third child, the New Jersey family was off to the races, literally.

The family, who live in Woodbury, N.J., took to a local track to film a baby announcement video that has garnered 3,000 views and counting since it was posted on YouTube last week.

The couple had the idea to pit their two current children - 3-year-old Owen and 15-month-old Carmendy – in a running “race” to see which gender would soon have the majority in their family.

“We had the idea that our next baby would be a tiebreaker because we already have a boy and a girl so that was the start of our inspiration,” Louisa Kopp, 32, a blogger and part-time university alumni event planner, told ABC News. “Then we had the idea of them racing and showing the scoreboard and leaving it with a score of one to one.”

In the video’s final moments, an empty pram is shown rolling through the track, with Owen, dressed in blue, and Carmendy, dressed in pink, cheering from the sidelines.

The video ends with the headline, “Team Kopp Scores Again! #Tiebreaker” adding that the baby will cross “the finish line” next April.

Kopp said Sam Cowan, a student at Drexel University, where Richard previously worked, shot the video, and then was able to use it in a class project as an example of his work.

“We sent him exactly what he wanted and he came to film as we coached our children to perform,” Kopp said with a laugh. “It took a couple of hours and a lot of candy.”