James Charles does Kylie Jenner’s Halloween makeup

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While Halloween looks a little different this year, beauty gurus Kylie Jenner and James Charles found a way to keep the spirit alive.

Charles posted a video on Tuesday were he gives Jenner a scary cheetah makeover featuring products from her latest collection while they both wear pullover hoodies that read "Sisters."

"I want to do something fun, we've seen you in glam, you look great, it's no surprise," Charles said at the beginning of the clip.

He continued, "But I want to give you something people have never seen you in before, so I want to go like special effects. I think that would be cool."

Jenner agrees and the duo got to work on what unfolds to be a glam-meets-gore look.

Throughout the video, Jenner discusses her latest Kylie Cosmetics collection that launched on Oct. 26, and Charles uses the cheetah-print eye shadow palette from it on her eyes.

Some key products used to achieve the final look include lots of glowy bronzer and liquid latex.

"We're gonna make it look like Kylie was clawed in the face by a cheetah," Charles jokes during the clip.

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In the end, Jenner is left with a beautiful bronzed look accompanied by a gory, clawed red cheek.

James Charles does Kylie Jenner’s Halloween makeup originally appeared on goodmorningamerica.com