Iowa Teachers Start School Year With 'One More Day' Flash Mob

Teachers in Iowa are starting the new school year as social media superstars thanks to a flash mob performance they spent the summer rehearsing.

The West Des Moines Community School District’s annual “welcome back” meeting earlier this month for its entire staff was business as usual until the district’s superintendent, Lisa Remy, took the podium for her speech.

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About 90 seconds into her speech, music started playing and a district staffer appeared on stage singing “One Day More” from Les Miserable. A few lyrics in, another staff member stood up in the audience to sing and the flash mob grew from there.

In all, the flash mob performance lasted nearly five minutes and drew in not just the district’s music teachers but staff from every single school and office in the district, ranging from a secretary to a computer sciences teacher.

“It was all the idea of Greg Hudson, a social studies teacher at one of our local high schools,” the school district’s spokeswoman, Elaine Watkins-Miller, told ABC News.

Hudson, according to Watkins-Miller, approached Superintendent Remy with the idea early last year and, having gotten her approval, came back with teacher-friendly lyrics to “One More Day.”

A district-wide email asking for performers resulted in around 35 volunteers who spent the summer rehearsing for the district's first-ever staff flash mob.

“Tomorrow you’ll be halls away…Because the summer now has parted,” the lyrics read, in part. “One more day all on my own…Do we know the common core?...No more time for preparation…Will my lesson be a bore? ... I’ve run out of planning time.”

The flash mob performance received a standing ovation in person and has drawn the district lots of attention online. The YouTube video of the song and dance has more than one million views.

“Everyone was so proud of their talent and the fun that they brought to the event,” Watkins-Miller said. “It’s just really sparked what we knew would be a great school year.”

The timing of the flash mob was also planned perfectly as this year was the first time the 9,000-student district’s “welcome back” meeting was held in the school district’s brand-new performing arts center.

“The event, the talent and the space just all came together perfectly,” Watkins-Miller said. “The talent you see in the singing on the stage really exemplifies the talent we see in all of our educators throughout our entire district.”

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