Insane Cream-Soaked Cookie Cake for Serious Sweet Tooths Only

Insane Cream-Soaked Cookie Cake for Serious Sweet Tooths Only (ABC News)

From the man who brought America the cherpumple (several layers of pies baked into a single cake) comes this epic cookie cake.

Charles Phoenix said he drew inspiration from the supermarket’s cookie aisle.

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“I’ve had my eye down that cookie aisle for my whole life and I thought one day, ‘You know cakes and cookies really need to get married,’” he told ABC News.

So Phoenix took Oreos, Nutter Butters, Chips Ahoy, Fudge Stripes and Circus Animals, soaked them in half-and-half and baked them each separately in white cake batter before frosting and covering with tons of cookies.

“I was very surprised because when you cut into that cake and take a big bite, it’s like oddly almost cheesecake-like, which is great, and then you get the flavor of the cookie which overpowers the flavor of the cake,” he said. “It’s delectable decadent deliciousness.”

Make this cookie cake creation for yourself with the recipe below.

Charles Phoenix’s Cookie Cake Recipe

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