IKEA Set to Open DIY Restaurant in London

IKEA Set to Open DIY Restaurant in London (ABC News)

Across the pond, IKEA is opening its doors to foodies.

The Swedish furniture maker has created a pop-up DIY restaurant for shoppers to whip up their own meals for up to 20 guests.

It's called The Dining Club and it's open Sept. 10-25 in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London.

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An interested "chef," can reserve his or her spot at the club for either lunch or dinner. And on the weekends, there are even some brunch spots available. The restaurant is then re-named in the chef's honor.

And just in case you're not such a good chef, don't worry. A head chef will supervise. The cleanup will also be taken care of too.

The best thing about this new concept in cooking is that it's free.

There's no word on if IKEA will introduce its DIY restaurant in U.S. stores. ABC News reached out to the furniture maker and so far hasn't received a response.

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