Holderness Family's 'Chardonnay Nae' Helps You Cope With Thanksgiving Stress

They’re back, and as to be expected, the ultra-viral Holderness family is lightening the mood surrounding the often stressful Thanksgiving dinner prep.

Their most recent song parody video is a mashup of Adele’s “Hello,” Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and a soon-to-be favorite of most mom’s for the holidays, a clever rendition of Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).” A video that highlights the importance of that “chardonnay nae.”

As the catchy YouTube video begins, it’s a familiar scene of a family bickering while sitting around the decorated Thanksgiving dinner table.

But, that stress is met with the Holderness family’s humorously appropriate lyrics from the mom who quips, “Watch me sip, my chardonnay nae. Watch me sip sip, my chardonnay nae. ‘Cause I been cookin’ since 4:30.”

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But not be outdone, the video rewinds to two hours earlier in the day, when Adele’s “Hello” is now transformed into a jiggling, green Jell-O mold.

“Jell-O, it’s supposed to be dessert,” the lyrics say as the parents in a sepia-toned wooded scene rubbing Jell-O on each other’s faces. “But it’s Thanksgiving and our feelings are all hurt ‘cause we worked hard on yams and greens and pie. I spent all night on turkey and so it made me cry when they made their plate and sat between us with a giant green smile,‘cause they want Jell-O for the other side.”

It’s quite a dramatic scene as the family reenacts Adele’s somber “Hello” music video.

But, then the mood is quickly lightened again with the rapping dad.

“When you hear that oven ding, that can only mean one thing,” the Drake rendition goes. “We try to do the Drake thing, but then we get to start eating.”

This year’s Thanksgiving video has more than a whopping 604,000 views.

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