Hilarious viral video shows mom's confusion teaching kindergarten sight words

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Parents don't necessarily make the best teachers -- at least to their own children.

Tiffany Jenkins -- the woman behind the popular blog Juggling the Jenkins -- is a Florida mom, comedian and social media star. Her most recent viral video came about when she tried to teach her kindergartener sight words during quarantine.

One of the most hilarious examples: "No" versus "know."

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"Younger kids are impressionable, and they often echo and mimic what they hear and see from their parents and the other adults in their lives," Jeffrey Knutson, senior education producer and content strategist at Common Sense Media, told "Good Morning America."

"For the first time I'm actually paying attention to these words," Jenkins told "Good Morning America." "He's sounding them out and spelling them exactly how they sound and I find myself being like, 'I mean technically you're not wrong, that's exactly how it sounds, but no, there's a random 'K' in there for no reason.'"

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It's a struggle shared by parents everywhere.

"Everyone who watched it said it was super relatable and they were going through the same thing," Jenkins said of her video. Though some viewers were quick to point out that that's why such words are called sight words, "because they're spelled weird and you're supposed to just know them by looking," she said.

Still, Jenkins said everyone agreed they didn't realize how "weird the English language was until they started teaching their kids kindergarten."

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