All the hidden eggs, ties to 'X-Men' and more in 'Logan'


Hugh Jackman ends his 17-year-run as Wolverine with "Logan," which topped the U.S. box office this weekend, pulling in more than $80 million. After nine "X-Men" and Wolverine films, director James Mangold made sure to put in plenty of hidden eggs and references to some of the original films.

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Here's the list:

It goes without saying, spoilers ahead, don't read if you haven't seen the film!

Wolverine's past as a cage fighter seen in 2000's "X-Men" -- When he gets angry, Charles brings up how the team took Logan in all those years ago, when Logan was lost and fighting for money. Hard to believe that was 17 years ago, and since then, we've not only had multiple films, but duplicate versions of Sabretooth, Professor X, Storm and Magneto, among others.

The battle at the Statue of Liberty -- Another reference to the original film, when the team battled Magneto, who was trying to turn all the humans in the world into mutants.

The New Mutants -- Charles mentions this when he says there are no more "New Mutants," but comic fans immediately got the reference.

The sword above Logan's bed -- This hearkens back to 2013's "The Wolverine," another Mangold film set in Japan that put the franchise back on track after "Origins." "Why did you say that name!"

Transigen and X-23 -- The company doesn't seem to be from the books, but Laura is. She was created just like in the movie by Zander Rice. Also mentioned: Alkali, the facility we saw in 2003's "X-2," where Wolverine goes home and meets his maker.

Logan on the table -- At the end, the kids are treating a sick Wolverine. As one waves their hand over his face, he wakes up and grabs their wrist. This is another egg taken from the original "X-Men," when Logan first meets his eventual love Jean Grey in a similar situation.

Classic facial hair -- Also at the end, the kids laugh as they clip his rugged facial hair into the classic look from the books and the films.

Wolverine toy and X-Men comics -- The toy, which a kid is holding, is a fun plug and the only time we've seen the classic yellow suit. BUT the comics in the movie are actually fakes. They were made just for the film.

X-24 -- There's no such thing from the books, but the clone of Wolverine could be inspired by Albert, a machine created by Reaver Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) in the book. Wolverine eventually kills this copy of himself.

Berserker rage -- This is classic Wolverine and something we haven't really seen until "Logan." We get a glimpse of the violence he's capable of at the end in the woods.

Canada -- The kids are heading to Canada at the end and guess who hails from there? Wolverine.

Adamantium -- In this film, Logan is dying from adamantium poisoning, you know the metal coating his body. Well, this isn't how Marvel killed him off in the books, but it's close enough ... kind of. In the books, he ends up coated in liquid adamantium and his life flashes before his eyes before it hardens and there's no way out. So maybe he's still alive under all that dried metal, dying over and over?