Here's why Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani haven't gone on a honeymoon

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While most people whisk themselves off on a honeymoon after getting married, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani chose a more "calm" route.

While chatting on SiriusXM’s The Storme Warren Show, Shelton revealed that the duo have yet to take their newlywed vacation.

"No. We haven’t yet. We still are probably going to..." the country singer shared. "We did have some time after the wedding, just she and I, but we just wanted something calm for a minute and not to run off and then go do something else."

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So what did they do instead?

"We just stayed there in Oklahoma and just had some quiet time, just she and I," Shelton said.

He said Stefani was "in heaven" and "wouldn't have wanted to leave anyway" because of a blossoming investment they made last year -- flowers.

"This last spring, when we had time, we went and planted like a few acres of just zinnias…we’ve had all this rain this year and wildflowers, acres of those things. She’s in absolute heaven with that," he recalled. "So she wouldn’t have wanted to leave anyway, because she can just literally walk out there and stand in acres of those things. And she loves it. I do too. It’s cool."

Shelton, 45, and Stefani, 51, tied the knot on July 3 in an intimate ceremony on Blake’s Oklahoma ranch.

Two days after the ceremony, the "Slow Clap" songstress confirmed the news sharing a few snapshots from the big day.

"July 3rd 2021 dreams do come true," Stefani gushed.

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