'Haunted' car wash promotes socially distanced celebration for Halloween

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Wash Doctor Car Wash in Birmingham, Alabama, is going viral for its epic haunted car wash.

The family owned establishment decided to run its Halloween-themed event after seeing one in Ohio last year.

"We just thought of it as a good, COVID-friendly idea that people can just come and still have the ability to enjoy [for] Halloween," co-owner Mittal Patel told "Good Morning America."

The "Halloween Haunted Tunnel" features ghosts, phantoms and reapers.

The car wash even offers a "free shampoo if someone pees in the car."

And $5 from every car that goes through the haunted tunnel is donated to The Foundry Ministries, an organization that helps low-income families and those battling addiction.

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The event, which began on Oct. 23, drew a larger-than-expected crowd, which resulted in a shutdown, but the family said it is better equipped to handle a large crowd this Halloween weekend.

"We were actually overwhelmed with how much support we got from the community," Patel said. "This weekend, we've communicated with our local police department a little bit better with the traffic situation and whatnot."

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