Halloween Bride Plans Spooky Birthday Party to Rival Witching Wedding

This couple is taking the whole “Til Death Do I Part” part of their vows to the next level.

Laura and Christ Houck, of Bridgeport, Pennsylvania, had the most elaborate Halloween-themed wedding last year and now the bride plans to carry on the tradition for her birthday this year reusing all of her hauntingly DIY decorations.

“Halloween is my favorite. It’s his favorite holiday,” Laura told ABC News. “Chris is very big into the horror films. I’m more obsessed with the colors: the purples the greens, oranges and the decorations. The blood and guts is fine, we have them all over the house and my 4-year-old is obsessed with them. But Halloween speaks to me. I’m not a Christmas person. I’m not a 4th of July person. I’ve always been a Halloween person.”

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The decision to have the Halloween-themed wedding came about two weeks after their engagement, and the couple is so glad they stuck with an original idea that was truly “them.”

“It was never about what was at my wedding, it was about who I was marrying,” Laura explained. “I found my dream man and we were planning our dream wedding and I wanted to make sure he had some say. When we came up with the Halloween idea, it put a spark in him and made him excited to be a part of it. He had fun, I had fun, everybody that was involved with it was such a big help to make it happen, but I wanted to make sure it was just as much him as it was me.”

The lovebirds used the Elmwood Park Zoo as their venue, which served as the perfect colorful backdrop for their macabre wedding.

“The carousel was the perfect backdrop for our first-look photos,” she said. “It was so colorful.”

All of the creepy couple’s ghoulish guests came in costume, ready to party the nightmarish night away on Oct. 30, 2015.

Now, Laura is just as excited to recycle all her devilish decorations for her birthday party on Oct. 30 at Taphouse 23, the pub where she works.

“The only thing I don’t have are all the centerpieces,” said Laura. “I have all the tablecloths and all the posters that were hanging in the bathroom. Every broomstick. Everything.”

But no, she won’t be wearing her witching wedding dress again.

“I’m not gonna bust out the dress,” she said. “I was thinking about him and I coming up with some kind of costume. There doing a costume contest that night.

“Morticia and Gomez Addams are our role models,” she added.

Their friends are just as excited for the chance to re-live their hair-raising Halloween wedding all over again, too.

“All of our friends are like, ‘We kind want you guys to get divorced and remarried just so you can get married again,’” Laura joked.

Fortunately this couple is living happily, hauntingly, ever after.

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