Hair today... still hair tomorrow: the average UK woman shaves her legs just twice per month

How often do you shave your legs? We live in a world where there is more pressure than ever to look perfect at all times, but according to a new survey, British women are fairly laid-back when it comes to hair removal.

The average UK woman shaves her legs twice per month, her armpits three times per week and her bikini line once every three weeks, the new summer report by the British Association of beauty Therapists and Cosmetology (BABTAC) states. Half of the 2,061 women (aged 18+) polled claim that they ‘don't care' if they are hairy.

Respondents were asked to detail how regularly they undertook hair removal, such as shaving and waxing, on various points of their bodies. The results showed that the average women shaves her armpits most of all and neglects her bikini line the most, keeping it in check just once every three weeks. Fourteen percent of women stated that they ‘never' shave or remove hair from their bikini line, while seven percent never shave their legs (7%). By contrast, only one percent claimed to never shave their armpits.

And it seems that the majority of UK women are pretty comfortable with their natural look, with 51 percent saying that they ‘don't care' about being hairy. However not everyone feels the same way -- 39 percent ‘hate' feeling fuzzy, while the remaining 10 percent said they ‘like' having body hair.

Loved-up ladies are likely to be more confident in sporting the furry look, with 87 percent of those who claimed not to care about being hairy being in a relationship for at least two years prior to the survey being conducted. When quizzed on whether they thought their relaxed attitude to body hair was a reflection of how comfortable they feel around their partner, 73 percent agreed that this was probably true.

Emma Roberts, Marketing Executive of BABTAC, said there is a "new wave" of women who care less about hair removal. "Whilst it is still generally the acceptable custom to get rid of excess body hair, it really wouldn't be a surprise if more and more women turn their backs on hair removal."

However, with stars such as Miley Cyrus, Lily Allen and Madonna championing the hairier look, could British women be on-point with their new approach?

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