How This Guy Pulled Off His Incredible Oreo Trick Shot Video

It’s the video you never knew you needed: Oreos being bounced, slid and thrown from great distances perfectly into waiting glasses of milk.

Pete Bamforth, 19, spent a weekend perfecting the craft that turned into a video of Oreos overcoming great feats to be united with milk.

“I’ve done trick shot videos before of ping pongs and stuff, and Oreos and milk is such an iconic thing that playing around with that and doing trick shots would be quite fun I thought,” Bamforth, a student in England, told ABC News. “I thought people would get it and like it, and clearly a lot of people do.”

Clearly they do, with the video racking up more than 80,000 views on YouTube. Even Oreo got in on the fun on Twitter.

Bamforth spent a long weekend creating the video, setting up shots and practicing before he got it right and filming the attempts.

“It was a lot of trial and error working out what way the cookie moved, especially trying to figure out how a cookie bounced, because that’s not something you expect a cookie to do,” he explained. “Bouncing was the coolest because it makes it different instead of just being thrown and landing in the cup.”

Some takes Bamforth got in one try, like the garage set-up where the cookie breaks, and others, like the stairs shot, took up to 20 takes each.

Bamforth isn’t sure what his next trick shot video will feature, but he plans to retire the Oreo to just plain old dunking from now on.

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