Grandma's Dog Makes Baby Girl Giggle During Adorable Encounter

A baby girl and her grandma's dog could be the sweetest new duo to grace the Internet.

Little Nora, 5 months, and Blake, a 4-year-old pit bull mix, have had a special bond since the day Nora was born.

"He's crazy about her," grandma Janet Hala told ABC News today. "Blake is a people person and he especially loves small animals. It's very strange -- the smaller the animals, the more he loves them. I think he thought [Nora] was just a little critter."

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Janet of Marshalltown, Iowa, said she babysits her granddaughter Nora three days a week and sometimes brings her around her dog Blake, whom she adopted from a nearby animal rescue group when he was just a puppy.

Nora's parents have a pet Corgi named Bailey, but their relationship is nothing like what the infant has with Blake, Janet said.

"He's very protective of her, very gentle and very careful with her, but he likes to make her giggle," she said. "He takes that big, black nose and pushes it into her ribs to make her giggle."

Janet shot footage during one of Nora and Blake's adorable encounters and posted it to Facebook May 12. The video received more than 23,000 views.

"I think it's exciting," Janet said. "I think it's cool.... I think it's really important that [children] have a pet in their life and know compassion, and that companionship and that love."

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