Girl, 9, Challenges Company’s Description of Boys’ vs. Girls’ Pajamas

Adair Mahoney may only be 9 years old, but she knows how to get things done.

The North Carolina native was shopping for pajama pants on line at the popular store, Vineyard Vines, when she noticed that boys’ bottoms were called “lounge pants,” while the girls’ pants were described as “lazy pants.”

“I thought, ‘uh, did they really just call me lazy?’” Adair said in an interview with ABC News’ Mara Schiavocampo.

Adair decided to write a letter to Vineyard Vines, and she didn’t hold back.

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“I think boys and girls and men and women should all be treated the same,” she wrote. “I don't want to wear lazy pants because it makes me feel bad. Can't we all just wear comfy pants?”

Adair’s mother, Janet, said she was “shocked and impressed and incredibly proud when she saw Adair’s letter.

After they received the letter, Vineyard Vines founders Shep and Ian Murray – who are brothers -- took immediate action.

“You know we didn't mean that women were lazy, we meant that they were pants for when you guys wanted to have a, you know, a lazy day,” Shep said.

The brothers invited Adair and her family to their Connecticut headquarters, where she renamed the girls’ “lazy pants,” dubbing them “lounge pants” instead.

The Murrays also invited Adair to help design her own pair of pajamas. She selected her pattern and colors, then watched as her design became reality.

“Her design was so smart because she said she wanted to have fish going one direction and a whale going the other. And she clearly is that whale … She's not afraid to follow her own path,” Ian said.

As for what she was going to call the pants she designed?

“Adair ya to be awesome!” she said.

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