Garth Brooks Surprises a Super Fan Mom With a Personal Concert

Karen Garrison is such a fan of country music superstar Garth Brooks that she named two of own children after the “Friends in Low Places” singer.

Garrison has a son named Garth and a daughter named Brook, along with another son, Markus.

"I love my name. I love it," Garth Garrison told "GMA." "I love that my mom and dad thought of that name. It's unique. I wouldn't want any other name."

"Thank you, Garth Brooks," he said.

It was Brook Garrison who nominated her mom for the "Garth Brooks Mother’s Day Surprise” contest on “Good Morning America.”

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“She was always my backbone. She was always my best friend. She was always there to support me,” she told “GMA.”

Karen Garrison’s kids said their mom never missed a school play and has gone to every game and every track meet they have ever had.

“Nobody cheered louder,” said Markus Garrison. “You could always hear her.”

Karen Garrison and her family live on a farm in Darlington, Wisconsin. The mother of three also owns her own hair salon and is known for extending her generosity beyond her own family, including driving her elderly patients to and from their appointments.

“My mom gave me the confidence to not let people bring you down, that’s who she is,” said Brook Garrison.

Karen Garrison is also well-known as a Garth Brooks fan -- so devoted to the country superstar that she owns an extra copy of each of his albums so that, as her kids say, “in case one goes bad, she has another to back it up.”

There was no need for a backup album this morning when Brooks surprised Garrison with an in-person introduction and live concert outside her home.

Before the surprise, Brook Garrison told her mom why she nominated her for the “Mother’s Day Surprise” contest.

“I love you and you’re my best friend, and I just want you to know how much we love you because I feel like you don’t believe us sometimes. You don’t believe what a great mom you are,” she said. “And so this was an ultimate thank you from us kids but also the people that you’ve also become a second mother to. You take care of everyone, and it’s a big thank you from us.”

With that, Karen Garrison was led outside, and Brooks snuck up behind her and put his arm around her, sending Garrison into tears and shock.

“I don’t know yet,” Karen Garrison said when asked how she felt.

Garrison, who had previously told her kids she wanted mulch for Mother’s Day, then sat on a stool next to Brooks in her yard while he serenaded her with an acoustic version of his song, “Mom.”

The country music star and Garrison were also surrounded by Garrison's family, friends and even members of the local high school's marching band.

Brooks then spontaneously invited Garrison and her entire family to fly with him on his plane to Omaha, Nebraska, to watch his concert tonight.

Asked if this gift from Brooks and her kids was better than mulch, Garrison said through tears, "100 percent better.”

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