Funny Reason Why Wisconsin Dad Posed Arm-in-Arm With Daughter's Homecoming Date

Ricarra Schock, a 15-year-old high school sophomore in Wisconsin, was posing with her date in front of a big group of family and friends before the school’s homecoming dance.

Ricarra's mother, Sharee Schock, a professional photographer, was taking photos of her daughter and friends in front of the family’s home.

Just as Schock was snapping photos of the couple, Ricarra's father, Benjamin Schock, issued a warning to Ricarra’s date.

“My husband said to him, in a silly way, ‘Whatever you do to her I’m going to do to you,’” Schock recalled. “It was just meant in playful fun.”

Benjamin Schock followed up his humorous warning by jumping in behind the date, whom the family declined to name, and putting his arms around his waist, just as the date had done to Ricarra.

“Everyone there was just rolling with laughter,” Schock told ABC News.

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Instead of being embarrassed by her dad, Ricarra laughed it off and even asked her mom for the photo later that night.

“Ricarra asked for the photo because her date requested it,” Schock said. “He posted it on Instagram with the caption, ‘Man of his word.’”

Schock posted it on her personal Facebook account after that and got so many replies that she posted it on her photography studio's Facebook page last week. The photo has now been shared more than three million times, according to Schock.

“My daughter and her date are our town celebrities right now,” she said. “There’s only 4,000 people in our community so everyone knows everyone and they’ve been loving it.”

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