Friends Build Real-Life Hobbit Hole in Backyard

Treehouses are no match for this magical backyard creation. Ashley Yeates and Alec Wright, both 30, of Bedford, United Kingdom, made their childhood dreams a reality by building a real-life hobbit hole under a dead apple tree in Yeates’ backyard. “It blends in very well to the surroundings but provides quite a shock when the door is opened to reveal the interior,” Yeates wrote to of the eye-catching creation. The two friends work together on a variety of custom outdoor projects, but this one, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy world, has been a hit with the kids in the neighborhood. “I did have a big family party not long after it was completed,” said Yeates, “and yes, the kids literally spent the whole day in there - just shutting themselves inside and playing.” The hobbit hole, which Yeates says was “a real labor of love,” took about a year to build, and she’s already got her eyes on an even bigger and better project in the future large enough for someone to live in full time.