Firefighters Replace Girl's Minnie Mouse Desk Destroyed by Fire

One little girl doesn’t have to worry about where she’ll do her homework anymore after her local firefighters came to the rescue.

The Santa Clara Fire Department surprised Brittany Roberts’ daughter with a brand new Minnie Mouse desk with chair after her original one was destroyed in a fire.

"Those were the nicest officers or department of authority that I have ever met in my entire life," Roberts told ABC News. "My daughter’s Minnie Mouse chair did burn down. We just recently went on a Disney cruise and her chair burned in the fire. They stopped by [and] had bought her a new chair. Not only did they buy it, they put it up and they presented it to her."

"She was so happy and she was smiling," she added. "They even played with my son and showed him the fire truck."

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The fire in the family's home broke out around 4 a.m. on Oct. 29 as Roberts and her two children were sleeping.

"Upon arrival the crew from Engine 96 discovered a small trash fire in a back bedroom of the residence that had been extinguished by the occupant," Battalion Chief Drew Miller recalled. "The house had light smoke throughout. Next to the trash bin was a badly damaged (blackened/melted) Minnie Mouse desk that the little girl in the photos had recently gotten as a gift."

Miller said after getting to know the little girl, they realized how important her mini Minnie desk was to her and wanted to do something special to make her day.

"The crew tracked down the identical desk and returned five days later to present it to her," he explained.

Roberts is "still in shock" over their act of kindness.

"They were just such an awesome team of firefighters. I was amazed," she said. "They were so awesome and just so heartwarming —- letting me know it was OK and saying, 'We’re here for you if you need anything.'"

And she said her daughter is "totally in love" with her beloved new desk.

"She made me throw away the old one," said Roberts. "I was so appreciative of something like that because that’s not something you see every day. It really is the nicest thing that actually anybody has done, but definitely a firefighter or somebody in that field, for my family. It was really, really, really nice."

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