New 'Finding Dory' Cast and Characters Announced

New 'Finding Dory' Cast and Characters Announced (ABC News)

"Finding Dory" won't be just a sequel to "Finding Nemo."

Instead, it will introduce a whole host of new characters to fans.

According to Andrew Stanton, the director of the film, "Finding Dory" is meant to be "a whole new chapter."

“We’re introducing new characters—each with his or her own unique voice," he said in a statement. "Everyone has something special to offer, which makes it fun and elevates the whole story. ‘Finding Nemo’ was a great calling card when it came to casting this movie. I don’t take that for granted.”

Exciting News for 'Finding Nemo' Fans

'Finding Dory' Trailer Premieres Online

'Finding Dory' Trailer Premieres Online

The upcoming film, which is set to be released on June 17, will follow Dory as she searches for her parents. While in the ocean with her friends Nemo and Marlin, voiced by Hayden Rolence and Albert Brooks, respectively, Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) remembers she has family elsewhere and goes on an adventure to the Marine Life Institute in California to find them.

While on her journey, several new characters will come into play. Here are a few notables:

Hank (Ed O'Neill): A "septopus," or an octopus with seven tentacles, Hank dreams of moving to a Cleveland facility where he can enjoy "a peaceful life of solitude."

Destiny (Kaitlin Olson): Destiny, a whale shark, has poor eyesight and a warm personality. She and Dory become friends when they wind up in the same pool.

Bailey (Ty Burrell): "Bailey’s flair for the dramatic never ceases to push his neighbor’s buttons: whale shark Destiny can’t seem to get through to him, no matter how hard she tries," read a press release about this beluga whale. "Maybe he’ll listen to new friend Dory, who seems to be full of crazy ideas."

Dory's parents, Jenny and Charlie Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy): Jenny is happy-go-lucky and Charlie is a jokester too, but both are fiercely devoted to their daughter.

Fluke and Rudder (Idris Elba and Dominic West): These two sea lions much prefer sunbathing over socializing with Dory.

Becky (Torbin Bullock): This loon takes a shine to Marlin, though he remains skeptical.

Fish couple (Bill Hader and Kate McKinnon): They just make a quick cameo!

Just cause they are super cute!

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