Father and Son Turn Basement Into the Most Impressive Retro Arcade Ever

A father and son duo from the suburbs of St. Louis, Mo., have turned their basement into a full-blown retro arcade.  Equipped with about 30 different games, CJ Mertzlufft, 20, a student at Webster University, has been building the arcade with his dad since 2005. “It's really my father whose dream this was,” Mertzlufft told GoodMorningAmerica.com. “He always talked about how much he loved going to the arcade as a kid and had a [dream] of owning one so he didn't have to leave when he ran out of quarters.” The collection of machines eventually outgrew the garage, so they moved into a new house, completely renovated the basement and nicknamed it the “Vintage Vault.” Mertzlufft says his father “just wants it to be a free, fun place for kids to play and adults to feel like kids.”

Take a look at this video where Mertzlufft’s friends see the arcade for the first time.